The National Wounded Warrior Center empowers wounded, ill and injured servicemen and women by facilitating their transition into fulfilling civilian lives through education, rehabilitation, health, and wellness.


Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra is a nationally acclaimed year-round adaptive sports program for people with disabilities of all ages. Based in Mammoth Lakes, California, DSES is a 501(c)3 non-profit with over ten years of experience. We facilitate change in participants’ lives that will enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle beyond participation in the DSES program. DSES is a Paralympic Sports Club, chapter member of Disabled Sports USA and has been hosting a minimum of two annual Wounded Warrior events since 2007. It’s time to do more!

We often hear that the transition from military to civilian life is the most difficult part of being in the military. Rebuilding personal relationships, readjusting to a non-survival based existence, and adjusting to life with their newly altered bodies are the most common issues talked about by our Wounded Warriors and their families. The National Wounded Warrior Center is a place for our heroes to learn, heal, and thrive!



Wounded Warrior Jorge Salazar and two Marines from the Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, California

  • 52,000 US Servicemembers have been Wounded in Action in Iraq and Afghanistan since October 2001. (Congressional Research Service)
  • 153,000 US Servicemembers have been diagnosed with PTSD since 2000 according to the Surgeon General but Wounded Warrior Project research shows that more than 600,000 live with the invisible wounds of war.
  • 288,000 US Servicemembers, worldwide, have suffered Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) since 2000.
  • According to the DOD, suicide rates in the military have been steadily rising and there were 350 in 2012 alone.
  • Studies show the job rate of Wounded Warriors to be only 30-40% according to National Organization on Disability at the Disabled American Veterans.



Steve and Amy Ambellan
Dana Point, CA

Suzanne Baracchini
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Paul & Emilie Baribault
Pasadena, CA

Susan & Bill Baribault
La Cañada, CA

Lisa Barker
Santa Fe, NM

Sarah & Matt Bettencourt
San Diego, CA

Christina Blecksmith McGovern
Long Beach, CA

Trenton Bonner
La Jolla, CA

Mark Brownlie
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Colonel Willard Buhl
San Clemente, CA

Liz & Bob Burke
Delmar, CA

Jeffery Buss
Bishop, CA

Mike Chiesl
Carlsbad, CA

Sue and Bill Cockroft
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Steve Colwell 
Carlsbad, CA

Andrea & Brett Darrington
Topanga, CA

Al Davis
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Jane and Dennis Domaille
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Kathy & Gary Elliott
Driftwood, TX

Angela Evans
Denver, CO

Frank Frievalt
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Jeff Frome
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Mari & Stan Frome
Costa Mesa, CA

Trace Gallagher
Los Angeles, CA

Andrew Gillespie
Divide, CO

Dick and Betsie Greenwood
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Rusty Gregory
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Shanon and Renée Hampton
Reno, NV

Amy Heine
Deale, MD

Linda Hess
Swall Meadows, CA

Dan Hilton

Frank and Barbara Hope
San Diego, CA

John W. Hooper
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Harvey Humphrey
Camarillo, CA

Mike Ishikawa
Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Fred Johnson
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Allen Joo
Thousand Oaks

Maj. Gen.”TS” Jones (ret.)
Boswell, PA

Barbara & Ken Kubarych
Del Mar, CA

Will Lachenauer
Reno, NV

Jaesung Lee
Camarillo, CA

Randee & Neal Levin
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Roger Lockhart
Newport Beach, CA

Roger MacFarlane
Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Leslie & Jack Markovitz
Sunset Beach, CA

Lori May
Solana Beach, CA

Marie T. McDonough
Westlake Village, CA

Bobby and Ronica McGhee
Mammoth Lakes

Susan E Mears
Newport Beach, CA

Linda Merrell
Anaheim Hills, CA

Linda & Risto Mitrovich
San Diego, CA

Jerry Mokler
Carlsbad, CA

Kim Montgomery
Newport Beach, CA

Rick Nelson
Genoa, NV

Larry Nicholson
Manassas, VA

Kate and Paul Page
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Yuri Parisky
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Molly Rearick
Los Angeles

Jennifer & Ken Roberts
Newbury Park, CA

Dan Rosien
Culver City

Dan Ross
Malibu, CA

Hamid Sadraie
Westlake Village, CA

Jim Sanford
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Darren R Schield
Beverly Hills, CA

Steve and Tracie Shatkin
Santa Clarita, CA

Hilary Schroeder
Palo Alto, CA

Chris & Chris Seidenglanz
Canyon Country, CA

Neil Sherman
Studio City, CA

Pat and EL Smoogen
Mammoth Lakes, CA

John Snelson
San Diego, CA

Becky Takayesu
Santa Barbara, CA

Angela and John Teller
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Phil Torie
Seaside, CA

Bob Waggoner
Bishop, CA

Eric Wasserman
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Marcia & Bob Weiland
Swall Meadows, CA

Cheryl & Rick Wood
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Alice and Richard Zamboni
Huntington Beach, CA