Wounded Warriors will live in the Mammoth Lakes, CA facility while they are part of a program that gives new meaning and direction to their lives.

The Vision

The National Wounded Warrior Center will be a welcoming and warm, with large open spaces to gather together, prepare meals, and interact with each other. The two-story mountain lodge houses up to thirty-eight people with flexible space that can be tailored to the needs of the Wounded Warriors. Underground parking is essential during winter months, especially for those with mobility issues. This green facility incorporates the majestic views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, creating a safe haven— a place for our Wounded Warriors to learn, heal, and thrive. For more information please see our E-Brochure.

Front of National Wounded Warrior Center
  • Adjacent to the Cerro Coso Community College Campus
  • 100% Accessible Facility
  • 27,000 square feet Living Space
  • 27,500  square feet Underground Parking
  • Culinary Demonstration Kitchen
  • Property Manager’s Living Quarters
  • Exercise and Therapy Facilities
  • Conference Room
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Drug, Alcohol, and Weapons Free
  • Easy access to local trails, bus stops, restaurants, movies, library, shopping and MORE!
  • 32 rooms, each with their own bathroom
  • Environmentally-friendly
Aerial View

Aerial View of Conceptual Design


Ground Floor

Second Floor

Underground Parking

Back patio and spectacular view of the Sherwin Mountains
View from patio