The program at the National Wounded Warrior Center enables Wounded Warriors to learn a new vocation, heal physical and psychological wounds, and thrive in their new life, while living at the state-of-the-art facility in Mammoth Lakes, CA.

NWWC Program Plan Executive Summary


Front of Cerro Coso Community College
Lab and computer classroom

Educational opportunities through the National Wounded Warrior Center will be available both locally and online through Cerro Coso Community College. The college is fully accessible and has a Disabled Student Program and Services in place. Career and Educational Pathway Counseling is part of the Cerro Coso program and will help the Wounded Warriors choose their new vocations.

Deanna Campbell

Cerro Coso believes that NWWC is essential as our returning heroes heal and transition into civilian life. We are looking forward to this worthy population of Wounded Warriors to be on our campus and we can’t wait to welcome them with open arms into our community.
From Letter by Deanna Campbell, Director of Eastern Sierra College Center Read entire letter (PDF)

A large part of the program at the National Wounded Warrior Center is vocational training so that our Wounded Warriors can truly THRIVE in their new life and find meaningful work in civilian life. The community of Mammoth Lakes has embraced the program at the NWWC and many local agencies and businesses have offered internships for the Wounded Warriors staying at the Center, including the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department, Mammoth Lakes Police Department, Community Skis, The Sheet Newspaper, Mammoth Lock and Key and more!



There is an extensive exercise facility on-site, with physical therapy provided through Mammoth Lakes Hospital and the S.P.O.R.T. Center to assist the Wounded Warriors in physical healing.

Wounded Warriors can participate in year-round activities with Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra. DSES is a Paralympic Sports Club and chapter of DSUSA providing adaptive sports include alpine skiing, snowboarding, Nordic skiing, biathlon, kayaking, rock climbing, camping, hiking, cycling, and more!

Certified Staff will be available to promote mental health and well-being for the Wounded Warriors. Group and individual counseling will be available to build confidence and self-esteem.

Read letter of support from Mammoth Lakes Hospital (PDF) and S.P.O.R.T. Clinic (PDF)



The National Wounded Warrior Center will help Wounded Warriors by offering the necessary tools to overcome the many issues they may face as they transition into fulfilling civilian lives.  Education, vocational training, recreational therapy, and counseling will assist our Wounded Warriors on their path to lives full of meaning, self worth and purpose.

Eligibility Requirements

Wounded Warriors of any age, from any branch of service, with any illness or injury, combat-related or not, will be eligible. We will be prepared to help them adapt and heal, encouraging them to find their new potential.